60% translation / Voting and site update

Hey, just a quick update about stuff.


I’m currently 61.41% done translating Relaxation Yuka. I had some stuff to do last week, but I’m trying to keep up the pace. Hoping to finish soon.


This is the current standing:


Same as before, Onee-chan no Yuuwaku is still going strong in the lead. Thanks again for everyone voting! Over 400 votes, that’s pretty good.


I added a “Gallery” button to the menu, where I’ve listed every header image with a link to the corresponding VNDB page. So if you see an interesting header, you can go check out the game it’s from.

That’s all!

30% translation / Vote standing

I’ve finished translating almost the third of Relaxation Yuka. So everything is going smoothly so far.

About the voting:

I’ll let the poll about the next project run until I’m working on Relaxation Yuka. The winner is going to be the new one I’ll be working on next, after this.

So far 211 of you guys have voted (minus some of you who used like 4 accounts to vote for the same game 😡, but I’ll let it pass this time). To be honest I didn’t expect this many votes so soon, so thank you to everyone who voted!

This is the current standing:1.png

It might be a bit skewed to Onee-chan no Yuuwaku’s side, since it looks reaaaally popular at the moment, so I understand the multiple votes there. It looks great in my opinion as well, that’s why I put it on the list in the first place.

But hey, if you don’t like the current standing it’s time to vote, if you haven’t yet, or share it somewhere else. You have a few more weeks to change the standing, or ascertain Onee-chan’s win!!

About the suggestion votes:

There have been 39 suggestions so far. And again, there is a bit of continuous spamming. I’ll let you know, there is no need to spam things. It’s not going to be a majority vote. I’ll look at the suggestions one-by-one and decide by myself. I should have made the rules more clear.

For example:

  • Every vote with games from companies like Alice Soft, Atelier, and many more will be ignored. (Personally, I would love to translate all Alice Soft games, but they are being translated by big companies, so I’d rather not touch them. )
  • As mentioned, don’t vote multiple times. You’re just wasting your and my time.

Please check if the game’s company you suggested, already has a localized game. I have enabled editing of your vote, so if it does, you can change it to something else. Also I made it so you can suggest a game in every length category, if you’d like to do that as well.

Vote for what’s next! / Site update

I’ve updated the site a little:

  • changed the theme,
  • added some new header images,
  • added new widgets,
  • and created a “Releases” and “Vote!” menu buttons.

I thought about buying a subscription, so I could edit the site to my liking a bit more, since the options are pretty limited. But the price is a bit too steep for me right now. Maybe in the future. We’ll see.

One of the buttons in the top, is the “Releases” button. There you can find a table about every project I’ve done, or currently working on. There are handy links there as well. So make sure you check it out.

The other button is the “Vote!” button. Right now, there are two links over there. One is 5 choice poll about the next upcoming project. And the other one is a suggestion poll. In that you can suggest me any visual novel you want to see in the future. Keep in mind the length of the visual novels, please. And who knows, maybe you’ll see your vote being translated in the future.

So, get voting!

New year, new project!

Happy New Year!

So what better way to start off the new year with, than an eroge?

Title: Relaxation Yuka ~Karada mo Kokoro mo Iyasarete~
English: Relaxation Yuka ~Healing Body and Mind~

Info: https://vndb.org/v16085
Studio: Herencia
Official site: link (Please support the devs!)
Length: <2 hours (4755 lines)

Translation by me (Washi)
Coding by binaryfail (exebroke)

It’s about a lovely lady called Yuka, giving you all kinds of massages to ease your built up tension.

I started translating yesterday, and finished the interface in December already.
As previously, you can check the progress here.
This one should be done fairly quickly, since it’s really short.

The next one after this will be a bit longer. And you will be able to decide from around 5 different games, all of which are eroge. I will post a google form with the choices in the upcoming days. Be sure hang around until then and vote when the time comes.

And if you guys like this one, I will return with the next installment after that. 😉

Make sure to check our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/D4hXS7M

Hope you have a fantastic year in 2019!

Patch release! – 2018.12.23.

Hello there!

It’s been a long ride, but we’re finally done!

First of all, big thanks to binaryfail, who helped me with the programming and just general support, for all these years. It wouldn’t have been possible without his help.

To download the patch, go to this Discord server: https://discord.gg/D4hXS7M
You can find it in the Project/Updates channel.

I hope you enjoy it!

You can always hang around in the server to report bugs and any typo you see.
Of course, you can stay just to chat as well.

Make sure to re-upload the patch somewhere else if you want to share it on a different platform. Please don’t link my download link outside of the Discord server.

What’s next?

I want to do a shorter visual novel. An eroge, just like this one, but it’s around 2 hours long. I’m going to post some details later on, once I start working on it.