Vote for what’s next! / Site update

I’ve updated the site a little:

  • changed the theme,
  • added some new header images,
  • added new widgets,
  • and created a “Releases” and “Vote!” menu buttons.

I thought about buying a subscription, so I could edit the site to my liking a bit more, since the options are pretty limited. But the price is a bit too steep for me right now. Maybe in the future. We’ll see.

One of the buttons in the top, is the “Releases” button. There you can find a table about every project I’ve done, or currently working on. There are handy links there as well. So make sure you check it out.

The other button is the “Vote!” button. Right now, there are two links over there. One is 5 choice poll about the next upcoming project. And the other one is a suggestion poll. In that you can suggest me any visual novel you want to see in the future. Keep in mind the length of the visual novels, please. And who knows, maybe you’ll see your vote being translated in the future.

So, get voting!

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